Containers for food and non-food substances

Tanks PlastDesign of good quality, strong, lightweight, inexpensive and durable. Plastic food certified and is virtually the only material that is approved as a raw material for the manufacture of the innovative equipment for the production, storage and transportation of food. Tanks suitable for the storage and transportation of liquid and dry food and non-food substances: water, wine materials, chemicals, grain products, oil products, as well as for salting and pickling of vegetables, fruit, and more.

Containers for food and nonfood substances

Containers from 100 liters to 1,000,000 liters. Tanks can be buried in the ground, where they will serve 30-40 years. Plastic polypropylene - the best material for containers of different types and purposes. Polypropylene - this is the material that is collected all the most valuable properties of other materials used to create a variety of capacities. Characterized by increased strength and resistance, and this makes it a versatile material in production. Tanks therefore gained popularity in various fields

The advantages of polypropylene

tanks for liquid storage products made of plastic -. Polypropylene are preferred, as they do not change the flavor of the fact that they contain, do not absorb odors and maintain constant chemical and physical properties of substances
Just polypropylene tanks favorably weight, and thereby causes -. comfortable transportation and exploitation in the future. Capacity as a cylindrical shape, and various other shapes can be made as we have in stock and on-site customer. This is an advantage and convenience can be felt when the product can not be delivered to the place because of the size, or simply because it does not pass in the door
There is another great advantage -. Price! And that is why these products are available to almost everyone.

Order Benefits of capacities at the company PlastDesign

  • Reduced costs for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of 5-7 times.
  • Accelerated increase production capacity to a small area.
  • Reduced terms of installation and the installation (in comparison with other materials).
  • Improved quality characteristics (as compared with other materials ).
  • attractive and modern appearance of products.

is thus achieved unparalleled benefit in relation to all alternative materials and technologies.

Main characteristics containers:

  • High chemical resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • High water-resistance
  • Excellent dielectric
  • Durability
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