Filter MFV35 EMAUX (AUSTRALIA-CHINA)  buy in online store PlastDesign Ukraine


Sand loading 430 kg

Pumping capacity 30.5 m³/h

Connection type top

Connection 63 mm

Weight 49 kg 

Dimensions 1296х875 mm (H x ø)

43,193 грн


The EMAUX MFV35 is designed for mechanical water treatment in private swimming pools and spas. The filter is made of high-strength polyethylene. The robust one-piece blown-in housing. Withstands high water and ambient temperatures and pressure. The materials used are robust, corrosion-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions. Recommended for swimming pools up to 122,000 litres. The largest and most powerful model in the series.

  • The clamp can swivel through 360°.
  • Multi-position faucet, allows you to select any mode of operation of the filter
  • Drain plug
  • High pressure sand/water drainage for fast winterisation and quick maintenance
  • Maximum filtration rate 50 m³/h/m²


  • Filter MFV35
  • MPV 6-mode valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Manual

Manufacturer Emaux

Country of manufacture China

24 months warranty on Emaux filter tanks

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