Sand glass Waterco EcoPure 0,5-1,0  buy in online store PlastDesign Ukraine

Sand glass Waterco EcoPure 0,5-1,0

Bag weight 20 kg

Fraction 0.5-1 mm

1,584 грн


Waterco EcoPure glass sand is a filter material that is used as a replacement for quartz sand in filtration plants. It provides fine filtration of water from mechanical impurities. Manufactured in England. Made of glass by the method of special treatment. Glass has special bactericidal properties.

When used correctly, it does not need to be replaced even after 10 years.

  • Specially treated glass with a bactericidal surface
  • Removes up to 30% more particles than conventional filter sand
  • High material strength ensures very low friction wear
  • Does not carbonise, thereby improving its service life by more than 3 times.
  • Chemically inert, it does not react with the chemicals used in the swimming pool
  • It reduces the consumption of chemicals used for pool disinfection.
  • Packed in thick polyethylene bags (transparent).

Complete set 

  • Waterco glass sand
  • Instruction manual

Manufacturer Waterco

Country of manufacture Great Britain

Warranty 12 months

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