Chlorine-based 3-in-1 disinfectant AquaDoctor MC-T 1 kg  buy in online store PlastDesign Ukraine

Chlorine-based 3-in-1 disinfectant AquaDoctor MC-T 1 kg

Slow-soluble product with combined formula for regular pool treatment. It destroys viruses, microbes, bacteria, fungi and algae and precipitates the smallest particles that pollute the water. The product contains active chlorine (at least 80%), algaecide (algaecide) and coagulant (anti-clogging agent).

438 грн


Combined slow-release preparation based on 90% active chlorine. The tablets are 200g. In addition to chlorine, an algicide and flocculant are included. 

In the form of 20 and 200 gr tablets.

Regular treatment: 200 grams of the preparation for 25 m³ water every 8-14 days.

Do not use for a primary (blast) treatment of water.

Products are certified.

AquaDoctor manufacturer

Warranty Warranty 24 months.

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