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Pump AquaViva LX SWIM150M

Input power 1.5kW

Output Power 2HP

Performance at the height of the column of 8m 25.5 m³/h

Number of phase 1 (220-240V)

Connection 50 mm

Weight 13 kg

Size 520х238х331 mm

13,495 грн


Aquaviva LX SWIM150M is an excellent option for swimming pool and mariculture systems (farming of seaweed, fish, molluscs, crustaceans in artificial conditions). It is effectively used for filtering, circulating and pressurising water.

Manufactured with modern technology and durable, temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials. The pump is designed for a maximum water capacity of up to 102,000 litres.

LX SWIM Series: A powerful and efficient pre-filter series with a self-priming depth of up to 2.5m which can lift up to 2.5m. Recommended for recirculation and filtration plants with a serviceable volume between 40 and 110m3. It is suitable for connection with a 50mm fitting. Available in 220V and 380V versions.

  • Casing: thermoplastic
  • Motor: stainless steel
  • Maximum water temperature: up to +50°C
  • Recommended medium temperature: up to +50°C
  • Maximum working pressure: up to 3 bar
  • Working pressure: 1.6 bar
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Insulation class: F
  • Ingress Protection class: TI.USA
  • Electrical: 220 V/50 Hz
  • Current: 7.0A
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change the scope of supply, design and specifications at any time without notice.

24 months warranty. The warranty is subject to regular maintenance and change of wear parts. When installing the pump, an optional motor protection switch is required.

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