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Pump Hayward HCP401003E1 KAN1020 T2.B (Spain)

Input power 8.7kW

Output Power 10HP

Flow rate at 10 m 115.6 m³/h

Number of phase 3 (380-400V)

Connection 110 mm

Weight 66 kg

Size 944х357х583.5 mm

90,320 грн


Self-priming centrifugal pump HCP401003E1 with pre-filter for commercial swimming pools. Used for water filtration and circulation. The HCP range has been developed by Hayward as a reliable alternative to heavy duty cast iron and bronze pumps for commercial applications. Manufactured from lightweight, durable thermoplastic enriched with glass fibre. Noryl hydraulic components allow the pumps to be used with saltwater and seawater. Equipped with large capacity pre-filter. Transparent pre-filter cover on 4 stainless steel easy-release screws. The pump uses a TEFC high power cooled motor. Model 400/700V. Designed for swimming pools up to 462400 litres.

Hayward HCP 4000 series commercial pool and spa pumps. Designed as an alternative to heavy duty cast iron and bronze pumps. The HCP401003E1 pump provides powerful delivery of water in the water exchange and filtration circuit. The hydraulic pump capacity is 115 m³/h at a nominal water column (height) of 12 m. The maximum pump capacity is approx. 130 m³/h at the minimum height of the water column. The model is optimally suited for filtering swimming pools up to a capacity of 500,000 litres (recommended up to 462,000 litres). Fully enclosed fan-cooled TEFC type electric motor, 8.7 kW (10.0 HP) output. Designed for connection to 3-phase 400/700 V mains. Number of revolutions 2850 per minute, 50 Hz. Pre-fitted with suction and discharge openings with 110 mm threaded ends for bonded joints with pipe. Water protection and insulation classes F, IP55.

Pump HCP401003E1 has an integrated pre-filter unit with 14,000 ml pre-filter basket. The pre-filter lid is made of transparent polymer and is secured by 4 stainless steel bolts with plastic caps. Base of screws is brass. The lid opens with a hinged screw mechanism. No wrenches or tools required. The prefilter basket with handle is made of white polymer and allows for quick cleaning of the unit from leaves and other debris. The pump casing and main components are made of fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic. The pump's hydraulic turbine is made of reinforced noryl. The pump can be used in saltwater environments. Supplied on integrated platform. Elevated base plate enhances cooling of the unit during continuous operation.

  • Casing: heat resistant plastic + fibreglass
  • Impeller: Noryl
  • Motor: Sealed, self-cooling
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Insulation class: F
  • Motor speed: 2850/min
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Current: 15.8/9.2A
  • Pre-filter: 14 litre with transparent cover with 4 screws
  • On stand: elevated base for improved ventilation
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change the scope of supply, design and specifications at any time without notice.

24 months warranty. The guarantee is subject to the condition that regular maintenance is carried out and that the consumable parts are replaced in good time. When installing the pump, an optional motor protection switch is required.

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