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Compressor Grino Rotamik SKH 144 EW (Spain)

Blower Grino Rotamik SKH 144 EW

Power Input 0.7 kW

Phase number 1

Productivity 100 m³/h

Pressure 170 mBar

Absorption 150 mBar

Voltage 220V/50 Hz

Compound 1 1.25"

Weight 13 kg

Size 268х260х272 mm

22,160 грн


Grino Rotamik SKH 144 single-stage compressor is an ideal solution for organizing professional turbo massage and air massage in the pool and SPA. The body and impeller of the compressor are made of aluminum alloy, have no wear parts and do not require lubrication.

  • The intake air remains clean
  • Exhaust fans can be positioned as required
  • Asynchronous motor, insulation class F, 1500 rpm
  • Operates at outside temperatures up to 40°C

Warranty 12 months

Grino Rotamik (Spain)

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