Overflow grate NEXUS MONO TWIN 250х25 white  buy in online store PlastDesign Ukraine

Overflow grate NEXUS MONO TWIN 250х25 white

NEXUS TWIN MONO overflow grille. Performs the function of water drainage and anti-slip function. Manufactured from a modern combination of PP+TPE. The grille is resistant to mechanical impact, UV radiation, chemical agents, high humidity and temperature fluctuations (-30...+70 C). Due to its modular construction, the grid can be used for any board shape. The maximum temperature is +100 C. The grille has a total length of 500 mm. The price is per unit. We ship one piece at a time.

Reason for loss: obsolete collection.

Material: PP/Elastomer.

Standards: DIN51097/EN 13451-1

Dimensions: Width 250, height 25, length 500 mm

Connection: central

Rotation range: up to 45º

Colour: white

342 грн


Overflow gratings are used for overflow and drainage of the pool tray. They also have an anti-slip function, allowing safe movement around the perimeter of the pool, as well as getting in and out of the water. NEXUS TWIN is designed for straight areas around the pool. This model is made on the combined principle of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It withstands high humidity, UV-rays of sunlight and mechanical impact well. Besides, the grating materials are not exposed to destruction by saline solutions, chlorine, thermal waters.

Wall type - Concrete, Liner.

Material - Polypropylene and elastomer

Element type - Straight

Additional information:

  • Material: polypropylene/elastomer
  • Standards: DIN51097/EN 13451-1
  • Dimensions: Width 250 mm, height 25 mm
  • Rotation range: up to 45º
  • Coupling: central

Dimensions 500x250x25 mm

Weight 1.1 kg 

Manufacturer Nexus

Country of production Italy

Warranty 12 months

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