Industrial equipment

PlastDesign equipment made of polypropylene is a high quality product that is durable and easy to use. The long service life of this material guarantees cost-effective use and high equipment reliability.

The ventilating equipment PlastDesign

Long service life of the material (over 50 years) ensures the profitability of use and high reliability. To the owners of large warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes are often problems associated with high quality and fast air purification. In today's world, the duct is equipped with almost every kitchen. The room, which serves as the dining room, in need of constant ventilation. We produce ventilation equipment to order according to your sketches and drawings

ducts made in the company PlastDesign -. Good quality and will serve you for a very long time. Our air ducts are very great advantages over air ducts made of stainless steel, and also we will make you the ducts of various sizes!

The ducts of plastic very resistant to aggressive substances, and therefore are not subject to corrosion and durable. Production is carried out according to an individual customer's order. The main task of our ventilation systems - is the removal of contaminated air from the premises for any purpose (production, swimming pools, etc) and replacing it with fresh, purified air the desired temperature and humidity (in the case of supply and exhaust system)

Household, industrial - a ventilation system that we implement with high quality and low cost of production.

As used our polypropylene for the production of air ducts -. eco-friendly and durable material, waterproof, wear-resistant, resistant to aggressive chemicals, ultraviolet light, retains its quality at a temperature from -40 ° C to +85 ° C.
polypropylene life (over 50 years) will provide high operational reliability products for a long period.

ducts may be used:

  • in the electroplating and pickling industries;
  • in the chemical industry;
  • approved for use in food and pharmaceutical industries;
  • In offices cleaning of railway rolling stock and auto businesses;
  • tap and hot and cold air production facilities;
  • creation of temporary and permanent ventilation systems and equipment gas treatment equipment;
  • remove contaminated air from the working zone during welding, plastic processing, construction, sieving and packaging loose materials, brazing, tinning, mopping surfaces;
  • removal of exhaust gases of car engines;

Ventilation equipment from polypropylene - it strength, high quality and minimum cost operation - worthy replacement galvanized and in most cases, stainless steel

The cost of manufacture. ducts and equipment from polymeric materials quickly pay for themselves, as this ventilation has a long lifespan and requires no further special care -. painting, etc.

in the cramped conditions of the elements complex configuration of ventilation systems made of polymer materials are made on the spot in the premises of the Customer with the manual welding equipment.

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