Equipment and tanks for fish farming

PlastDesign equipment makes it simple and convenient service makes fish farms with a minimum of initial and subsequent stages, as is a quality European equipment and is designed for maximum service life.

Barrels, containers, fishtank

Specialists PlastDesign developed systems for the transport of live fish. Tanks Fish Tank Complete Series - a modern complex for the transport of live fish for short and long distances. Which takes into account all the requirements for easy exploitation of this equipment. Capacity has a very light weight, which allows a maximum of your vehicle, and transported directly to fish, rather than bulky and heavy equipment, spending large sums of money on fuel. This tank volume 1,500 liters designed for transportation of from 600 to 1000 kg of fish, depending on the distance. Fish Tank Complete equipped with all the necessary equipment that allows you to not wasting a minute, immediately after the purchase to go for fish.

The advantage of our barrels is that they are very easy to maintain, since the design takes into account the wishes of the experienced " fishermen. " All components are easily replaceable and repair suitable. Sami capacity mechanically robust and are designed for "harsh" treatment of them, as well as the quality of our roads.

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