When the lining is chemically resistant material is applied to the metal, and stainless steel surfaces in tanks. Implementation of the lining of containers with polymeric materials is much cheaper cost than the traditional processing methods. In some cases, this is the only method of protection.

The use of polyethylene and polypropylene sheets can fully replace some small containers, tanks or baths for similar, but made entirely of plastic. Metal structures heavily exposed to corrosion, so much sooner fail, if not to take measures to protect them. Expensive equipment may be idle for a long time, waiting to replace individual elements. Lining tanks polymers can protect them from premature failure and provide functionality for a long time. We are ready to perform the processing of internal surfaces of polyethylene and polypropylene sheets, in a place or do we have in the shop, if you can not carry futiruemye products.

Lining baths, tanks

The liner, t. e. Coating the internal surfaces of metal bodies electroplating baths chemically resistant sheet polymeric material, it protects the wall from baths destruction when exposed to reactive substances, solutions and protects the solution from contamination. Furthermore lining sheet metal bath polymeric materials intended for electrochemical processes, prevents the passage of current through the bath body, substances adhering to the surface.
To protect contact baths polymeric sheet materials are widely used as a free insert in a bath, so and the lining of the bath using hot air welding technology that allows to perform the hermetic liner. Mechanical strength is provided by the metal bath body and the lining acts as a protective layer.

If the old galvanic baths is not subject to recovery, our specialists will design and manufacture a bath and other plating equipment of plastics (PP, PE, PVC) in metal frame, in your size and requirements.

In addition, we carry out the lining of various kinds of metal and reinforced concrete structures, technological equipment.

lining of steel and concrete tanks, premises

In containers and tanks used in industry wide variety of industries (food, chemical, metallurgy, etc.) such criteria as reliability and durability, are largely determined by the state of the inner surface of the tank.

Metal from which most often made of large size containers, subjected to corrosion, which can lead to a violation of the integrity of the tank. In addition, changes in state of the metal may have an adverse impact on the data stored in the tank both liquid and solids. This will help avoid lining the inner surfaces of containers polypropylene sheet.

lining vessels, tanks, silos, hoppers and other processing equipment can be compared to the replacement of old vessels by new, better and more durable. Moreover, the lining of the cost is incomparably less than the cost of new equipment.

The liner sheet polymeric materials can protect the vessels and equipment from premature failure and a long time to provide the functionality.

PlastDesign specialists are always ready to provide you with services by

  • lining of concrete tanks with plastic
  • lining the old iron containers with plastic
  • lining treatment plant plastic
  • lining plating baths plastic
  • lining cellars plastic
  • lining inspection pits plastic
  • lining the old pool plastic
  • lining trucks and body plastic
  • lining plastic tanks and bunkers
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