Grease traps

There are domestic and industrial units. To handle a large volume of fluid established industry and for local use - everyday. They are mounted under the sink in the kitchen

The main advantages of the separator fat PlastDesign polypropylene are:.

  • efficiency
  • small size
  • easy to install and use
  • 100% leak
  • long life

The design of the grease trap

It consists of simple machine elements: a sealed container has walls through which is slowing down the speed of run-off. In this process, water cooled, resulting in precipitation of the heavy particles to sediment and lifting fats are removed from the surface. The office, which receives oil, in addition, you can use the methods of chemical and physical purification

Grease polypropylene -. It is a reliable way to protect your water drain from clogging. The manufacturing method and the material of the grease trap body allow to use it for about 10 years or more. Housing remains sealed throughout the entire service life and can not be corrosion.

We produce industrial grease (installed in the technical rooms, designed for cleaning large volumes of waste water), household grease (can be mounted directly under the sink). Grease traps (they are called grease separator, a septic tank, zhiroulavlivatel) PlastDesign have a reliable way to cover and its attachment that prevents the penetration of odors out even after a long period of operation.

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