Tanks for the transport of live fish

The benefits of equipment Fish Tank - it's ease of use, ease, simplicity and integration. The presence of 2 hatches allows convenient (since capacity is not high) to fill the fish in the barrel through the hatch for loading and release all the fish if necessary through the discharge hatch to which an arm (it is included in the Fish Tank optional). Valve for draining water amount controller serves as a barrel and valve discharges excess pressure.

What is it - the container-drum for transportation of fish

The capacity for transportation of Fish Tank live fish - it is a rectangular or square shape, which gives the ease of installation of several tanks on one platform, made of construction materials (engineering plastics) from leading manufacturers in Europe. These plastics have a number of distinctive properties and strength characteristics. In this case, the barrels are lightweight, durable, simple and convenient to operate. It is important that the material has all the certificates of quality, with a tolerance to the food industry, in other words, it does not emit absolutely no substance in the operation time, and flat smooth glossy surface prevents pollution, sedimentation and garbage proliferation of undesirable microorganisms. As a result, the capacity of simple and easy to wash and clean

The first thing that "kills" Plastic -. It is the sun, that is, ultraviolet. Fish Tank made from UV-stabilized polypropylene primary and warranty on the material of the production plant is 50 years. barrel manufacturing process itself for the fish is the most reliable for the given materials. As for the fish and its transportation, in fact then why Fish Tank was created.

The fish can not do without the oxygen in the water, so the containers are equipped with compressors and/or oxygen cylinders, which throughout the transportation enrich water with oxygen in the barrel, through sprayers mounted in the tank itself.

Fish not tolerate fluctuations in the water temperature. An important advantage during transport is that the container material has low thermal conductivity. In addition, it can be equipped with equipment for maintaining the temperature of the water in the tank during transportation.

Fish Tank made of high-quality reliable modern materials and equipped for proper transport of the fish. Thus, the container is equipped with everything you need, allowing you to just go for fish!

Fish Tank is designed for absolutely all fish farmers, for both beginners and experienced professionals, and everyone can find a suitable container dimensions and engine capacity .

Prices Fish Tank

Dimensions (mm) Volume of (l) UV stab. Mass ( kg) cost, EUR
FishTank 0.4 1000 х 1000 х 500 400 + до 45 900
FishTank 0.6 1000 х 1000 х 750 600 + 50 960
FishTank 1 1500 х 1200 х 750 1150 + до 60 1500
FishTank 1.5 1500 x 1500 x 750 1470 + 80 1740

Components fishtank includes

  • boot hatch
  • hatch for unloading fish
  • pressure release valve
  • compressor for aerating
  • aerators
  • tap water discharge
  • adapter sleeve
  • sleeve 5m

Perhaps the production of containers of all sizes, as well as installation on vehicles

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