Polypropylene pools

Concrete pools will soon be superseded by new technologies and materials - Basin of polymers. Polypropylene has been found to be the most suitable material for the swimming pool. Due to its physical properties is quite possible to produce pools of any complexity and form, as it is easily and cost-effectively treatable. As an exterior waterproofing and finish used light-stabilized polypropylene sheet thickness of 5 mm, so there is no need to lay a tile, as well as producing the waterproofing work both outside and inside the pool.

The basis for the manufacture of products such as polypropylene pool, is durable and environmentally friendly plastic. A classic made of concrete and metal pools gradually fading because the complexity and financial investments to build it big enough.

Production of swimming pools on order with delivery in Ukraine

At a time when construction of concrete pools takes a lot of time, effort and tons of construction materials, ready-made from polypropylene pools can be seen in their area for the past 2 weeks. Thanks to the method of manufacturing and material polypropylene cup requires waterproofing and facing tiles costly. Polypropylene pools can have different colors and shapes - it will allow you to make your pool unique and without the use of mosaic. Over time, due to the nature of our climatic zone, the concrete bowl, by lowering and raising the temperature gives a crack, which is not always possible to find and "patch" at once, it brings a lot of discomfort and expense for maintenance of concrete bowls. And this can happen every season!

The cup of polypropylene is sealed for operating all the time, it can guarantee you a leak 5, 10 or more years.

film pools - a concrete pools, but instead of using tile liner (film). As concrete bowl, film pools require a costly operation and a long, expensive construction of the concrete base. In pursuit of cheapness used liner is not very good quality, and in the future, as well as with concrete, it is necessary to carry out work to find and repair the leak. The same film usually has a smooth structure, as opposed to polypropylene, which is smooth and shiny (as it can be seen reflection) - whereby, care polypropylene pools become greater diversion than consuming process. Polypropylene is resistant to any chemical agents to clean the pool, and the surface is very hard to mess up, producing washing bowl.

So, after several years of use polypropylene cup all as remains as a new, not burn at the waterline, is easy to clean, and is still at 100% is always tight

What to choose for the pool:. fiberglass bowl or PP bowl

the main disadvantages of fiberglass bowls against? to polypropylene, are standard sizes and shapes, delivery methods and plants bowls. The standard range of fiberglass pools do not allow you to organize your unique recreation area, and get exactly what you need. With respect to delivery and installation, in this case, you must call the trucks and crane, which is not always possible due to the installation site and the surrounding landscape or inside the building.

Thus, polypropylene pools can satisfy any customer's wish in size and shape. A method of installation will make the pool in any place, even in standard openings building

Order the design, manufacture and installation of your new pool company "PlastDesign"!

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