grease is sealed tank for wastewater treatment from fats and suspended particles, prevents clogging of the drain and its exit from the system. The consequence of which may even be a shutdown of cafes, dining and any other catering department.

Grease separators home proved to be excellent in cafes and restaurants. Copes well with the task, does not require additional investments in the operation (if in no removable grids), fast and easy to clean - will not replace the kitchen where it is constantly washing dishes and preparing food

However, often the wrong calculation. faulty design, improper installation and eventually improper use leads to that the grease trap, though necessary, but does not work.

So, what you need for that would this miracle device worked?

1 is necessary to choose the right grease trap

often, the kitchen in restaurants and cafes every centimeter of its weight in gold, and place there are usually very small, so the great demand for small compact zhiroochistiteli (HA -25, 30, 40, 50). In this case they are installed under the sink and simply cleaned frequently, it may be from 1 time per shift and up to 1 every 3 - 7 days). All of these compact models of 500 liters per hour, or 0.14 liters per minute, and can be installed on one or more washes at the same time.

The second parameter is the peak zhirosbornika reset. Everything is simple - zhirolovushku e.g. in 25, 30, 40,50 can be drained volley stream 25, 30, 40 and 50 liters respectively. This occurs if the typed water in the sink and the process of washing dishes in the sink, and then merges it all at once. If you use a cleaning method, you need to understand about how much water you need to type in the sink, what would it then merge at a time. If it is connected to two or more sinks, the drainage procedure must be done one by one.

So, knowing these parameters, it is possible to determine the model of the grease trap and understand what he can do.

2 should be replaced or cleaned

The whole system of the moment when the grease trap is installed, it is recommended to replace the entire trunk sewer, in which he placed, or if you can not, it is very good to clean the old. (Traps and pipes before and after). Otherwise septic efficiency decreases

3 correctly observe angle sewage

Right angle sewage -. This is very important during installation of sewer systems, and the deviation in the up or down can end finally, after a certain time to bring down the entire system. And when you install zhiroochistitelya it is also necessary to consider

The Right angles sewer system:.

 Right angles of inclination of the sewerage system

to calculate the total angle necessary pipe length multiplied by the slope. . For example: 10 m (length sewer pipe with 50mm) * 0.03 = 0.3 m, or 30 cm Hence the difference between the setting point of the first and last tube - 30 cm

4 Proper design of the grease trap.

The correct operation zhirolovushki course is the right machine design. It also has to be respected faithful tilt, the correct location of partitions, sealing and cover.

The cover, if not strange, it's the most important detail in zhiroochistitelya design. This is the part where lies the point of operation. That is, when the cap is removed grease trap cleaned and dressed. No other action is required to do with it. And if the cover is made of poor quality it will be difficult, and difficult to operate, and in addition it will pass very unpleasant odors from the grease trap, which spread very quickly all over the kitchen and can get to the room with the visitors. The result is clear.

So, if you select HA should be possible to carefully examine the design of the cover, as it attached which seals used as a set partitioning, as far as secured connections.

Accordingly acquiring grease trap from the company "PlastDesign" you gain yourself a quiet, reliable, durable, does not require the money to the assistant operation, which can easily will protect you and your business from unnecessary costs and unexpected problems !

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