How to effectively clean the water in the pool

The water, which we fill the pool may not be perfectly clean because it already has a lot of different chemicals and micro-organisms. Any water, even from the deepest, deep clean is not perfectly clean because it has a lot of inorganic impurities of iron, fluorine, etc. that are not useful for humans

With a pool filled with "clean water." - this water is polluted with dust, which the wind picked up from the yard, shampoos and deodorants, which we use in everyday life, various microorganisms, etc. . This water is not a "pure" and is not suitable for swimming in it, and even more so for the favorite - our children. . That is why you need to monitor and enforce in a timely manner different methods of water treatment

Acid alkaline balance or pH

The discrepancy pH levels in the pool water leads to unpleasant consequences after bathing - irritation of the skin and mucous human shell, as well as the pool water may smell unpleasantly, to become turbid, sediment will begin at the bottom and walls, as this may affect the correct operation of the filter plant and all equipment in general. Therefore, you must constantly monitor the sour alkali balance and adjust it in time. The pH should be kept in the range of 7.2-7.6 (in our time, there are a lot of tools for measurement and control of this index)

Consider what methods of disinfection of water in the pool, there are:

The most famous way - is chlorinated

the chlorination is carried out with stabilized chlorine (this drug is high-grade and used without any additional means), which with proper treatment of water, having a pH of 7.2-7.6 performs all its functions with maximum efficiency and consumption it is minimal. Possible to use or to use certain equipment in manual mode. In this case, during the reaction, most of the bacteria are killed and microorganisms.

Ozonation of pool water

ozonization of water is the most ecological way water cleaning pool water. Since ozone is used, which is subsequently mixed with the air and leaves. At the same time, ozone - is a very strong oxidant that destroys all bacteria in the water and makes the water clean, delicious, perfect for the pool

The active oxygen

This method is used most often for private pools. with a small amount of water. In the purification process the components are added, which react with oxygen and kill bacteria and microorganisms. Not always all the ingredients have time to react and can remain in the water accumulates, it can be dangerous to humans, so it is necessary to be extremely careful.

UV lamp

This method also cleans the water and deserves attention. Lamp with its impact completely kills all harmful microorganisms in water (not for nothing that this type of lamp is used in hospitals, disinfected tools) - that's a fact, and thus the properties of water remain unchanged. And it would be the best way to clean if not disadvantages: if the water is heavily polluted, the UV lamp does not fulfill its function, UV light purifies water here and now, only the water that passes through it, rather than one that is already in the pool, and it may already be contaminated. In this case, the water should be circulated through the lamp is constant and non-stop, 365 days a year, and this requires special resources. In short, it is expensive and not comfortable.

The ionization of the water

This method has long been known to mankind and has been used previously for the treatment of water, which takes food (silver utensils, etc.). Now used in cleaning the pool water. Use guns which saturated water ions or the direct contact of water with non-ferrous metals. However, the effectiveness of this method is controversial, as some microorganisms by destroying the ions do not do anything with the others. Just as with the UV lamp must be strictly controlled and to attract competent people in this area.

So only you can choose the suitable for you method of water purification. But it must be remembered about the pH level in water, the composition of the water that comes to topping up the pool, the volume of water in the pool, and the efficiency of water purification method. Only your excessive attention to the purity of water in the pool will allow you to enjoy a long and carefree and enjoy the pool, gaining health and youth.

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