polypropylene Pools - this is one way of building modern swimming pools for public and private use. The advantages of these pools start at the stage of the cup design and recreational areas around it, as the shape and size can be absolutely any and even the most demanding customers who want to have a truly exclusive in his yard, to have fun and complete satisfaction.

However, there are myths that this kind of bowl are not a long period, whimsical maintenance, are not suitable for public spaces, easily scratched and neremontnoprigodnye in case of any damage. The purpose of this article to dispel any prejudices these false rumors.

First, the operation of these bowls term can exceed 20, 30 or even 50 years. But she had a guarantee on the material - polypropylene, from manufacturing plants (meaning already proven reputable European companies) is 50 years old

Second, polypropylene pools absolutely not whimsical to maintain.. The material itself has a glossy smooth, it can be said as the glass (since when removing the protective film can be seen reflected surface), and that it contributes to the long absence of the appearance of fine, as films mucus on the walls of the bowl. If you do not monitor the cleanliness of the water in the basin, any bowl dirty. Yet at the same time all the concrete and foil pool will be much more difficult to put in a working form rather than a bowl of polypropylene (very resistant material to any chemical cleaners and it is very difficult to damage the detergent).

The third misconception about what that polypropylene basins are not suitable for public spaces, too, is not true. Having considered the above arguments can be understood that it is polypropylene bowls very well will show itself when a large flow of people, and to withstand all methods of water treatment, which is very important for mass bathing. All the planes are to be slippery - stage, small and children's area are made of polypropylene tesnonnogo anti sliding, so it too is not a problem

As for the scratches and glossy surface and its damage.. When poor care when choosing low-quality equipment, or incorrect calculations AC of the same equipment or the same in the construction of swimming pool specialists questionable, indeed the surface may be damaged, and this applies not only to polypropylene. When filtration is not cope when the bottom of the pool is not properly serviced and strewn with small stones, whereas polypropylene may have scratches that are not normally visible in water, and does not give any discomfort. There are even examples of public and commercial pools fonts PP leaders who are clearly performing all simple process to maintain the bowls and the water in them clean and tidy. And after 7-10 years at a flow of people, these bowls have the original appearance of shine and clarity.

And finally about repair polypropylene pools . There are many paint does not make sense, you can just say that all that is made of polypropylene can be repaired, and quite a low cost time and money. This also applies to swimming pools. And then a couple of examples with photos and without:

  • The couple had gone to rest in warm countries, is not drained the water from the fonts installed on the ground in the street, while in Ukraine hit the cold, and the top 30 -50 cm frozen and turned into several ton block of ice, on arrival host received erroneous decision that was drained under ice-up. Consequences - a block of ice fell to the bottom. The bottom was cracked and fell into disrepair. It was decided to insert a new floor over the old. And that was done. Furthermore, these customers are not treated with any problems.
  • Another situation. The bowl, which was damaged in a fire bath building. 3h1.5 meters pool was filled with water and fully functioning. In case of fire, the temperature oplavilas entire upper edge which was above the water surface, and the skimmer and stiffeners. It was decided to renew all that is burned. Everything was done quickly and efficiently, as if nothing had happened. The customer was very pleased with the results.

All of the above proves that all the speculation, gossip and stories of polypropylene swimming pools is just a baseless myth !!!

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