engineering plastics have an excellent set of properties that can not boast of any modern material. This is a huge advantage in the manufacture of any product absolutely, absolutely in any area. A particularly plastics can help to solve minor problems and bugs in the house, cottage, garden and so on ...

Polymers - the best solution

Very often people have "problemki" which it is impossible to cope on their own due to lack of knowledge, tools, materials. And usually no one wants to deal with the little things that do not bring profit and benefits. And here to the aid can come to people who are ready to help the client in any matter, and plastics - a serious, high-quality engineering materials used in factories and production plants. And no one would have thought that polypropylene and polyethylene can be used absolutely anywhere where suitable color scheme

So, what non-standard was made from engineering plastics by random requests and needs:.

- pad for knives (very convenient, as the handle does not crack, does not break, and if contamination is easily removed the top layer, and a knife block for the new):

 pad for knives

- feeders and drinking bowls for pets (material does not emit absolutely no substance and is safe for the animals, and the reason for the production of plastic troughs that winter for them do not stick languages ​​of animals and food, and water)

 feeders and waterers for animals

- form for cheese (convenient forms that shape the cheese when it is m all the liquid out)

form for cheese

- boats


- extractors (very convenient equipment for heating wax)


- Adapter feeders (there was a need to replace adapters are cast from frost and burst out of order. It was decided to make analog and replace more than 100 adapters)

adapters for the feeders

- home for chinchillas

 house for chinchilla

- mount sinks (very high humidity make it possible not to mount the washing of chipboard or other sheet material and a sheet was fabricated from polypropylene)

 mount sink

- washing


-« City light "

City light

This is not an exhaustive list the fact that you can order and make the company PlastDesign of construction materials. They can be used to solve almost any problem, as a global production scale and small concrete particular problem.

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