December 5, 2017, a seminar was held in Kyiv from the company of construction materials producers ROCHLING, which was attended, and a representative from PlastDesign. Ukraine visited the leading expert and developer areas of the lining Michal Sladek. Michal briefly introduced the history of the family company ROCHLING and talked about MATROX family of materials. It was about this structural plastic such as polyethylene of 1000 and its variants, including, for example, is a material that attenuates itself or such that withstand constant working temperature of 120-130 degrees. There's also a modified lubricant and UV-resistant and anti-static!

Materials MATROX family is very corrosion resistant and have a very long molecule. Demand there, where it is stored and transported fines. There usually happens adhesion and accretion on the walls. (E.g., hopper, buckets dump body - which adhere to the substances being transported and freezes, sand, clay, etc.). The principle of operation can be considered for example pans: previously pan made of iron, aluminum, etc. which is usually adhered products are roasted on it, but with the movement of progress emerged Teflon pan - non-stick, they do not stick (eg, scrambled eggs very good slides.) The same effect occurs when CORRECT lining MATROX materials

When the lining of cars and bodies, where it is very important to quickly unload the entire volume of the body, lining shows its effectiveness almost immediately, in contrast to the bunkers where the lining of the efficiency can be seen months or years.

For example, in the construction of the largest airport in the world in Turkey, the owner of the transport company after the test of the lining of the car, who was involved in the movement of soil, lining ordered the entire fleet of trucks 740V. And later I made a statement as a result of the modernization of bodies of cars his company saves on 20,000 euros per day

There is it so:
First, unloading occurs more quickly due to the rapid sliding of the liner -. . Saves time and fuel unloading
Secondly, all fully discharged and do not have to carry the same land back there - fuel economy and space in the back

it is easy to make mistakes that at discharge. For example, let 200 be saved machines 200 minutes and 200-400 liters of fuel, which then constitute a round sum.

Thus it can be concluded that the materials are very effective MATROX family. A place where you can use their diverse and demanding a personal approach to everyone.

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