How can I save money on display for sale of fish

In this article we will focus on how to make the first time the equipment is properly without rework and additional payments.

One day I received a call with a request to make a showcase for the sale of fish. The meaning of this showcase, on the idea of ​​the customer was that we need to do 8 trays with a little flare to be inserted into the concrete base in a tray in the future will make the customer on their own sink and miss aeration at the bottom and then run to sell fish. The deadlines were tight.

Baths were made according to the drawings and in time delivered to the customer for further self-installation. However, the customer does not take into account that the sale of fish water, mucus, debris, and waste products of fish will not only in baths of polypropylene, but also on the rest surface of a concrete showcase, thereby not only creating an unpleasant smell around a and destroying concrete foundation itself under the baths. A month later, the concrete began to crumble smell bad, and it was impossible to wash. Showcase fallen into disrepair.

In the future, after the visit of our specialists on the place of installation and recommendations, it was decided to fully protect all base and make a common table top without joints, so would the entire concrete surface was closed. It is accordingly worth the extra cost. After dismantling and reworking all bathtubs in the window of the result was excellent. The surface of the windows perfectly smooth, does not pass water, easily wiped off, and even their appearance attracts buyers. In short, all were satisfied, the customer is the end result, we have a job well done.

But the fact of the overpayment was. And in the end the customer has spent 50% more than they would otherwise. But if the customer is invited and entrusted the entire process of creating windows from planning to building our team, I would have received the same excellent results right away and everything would have been without concrete work in general - and this option would be more cost-effective for the client, not to mention a waste of time, effort and nerves to overcome the challenges faced in the process of construction and operation. Showcase would be easy, beautiful and mobile.

Trust the professionals!

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