Lining - what is it? What for? Where to apply? Its effectiveness.

The liner (it Futter -. Lining, padded) - protective inner lining. In other words, the application of the protective inner layer, which serves as protection from various damages, corrosion and fracture of the main load-carrying structure.

The protective layer may be diverse and consist of different materials. It is used wherever there is an opportunity to upgrade your equipment at minimum cost as a money and time. This method gives a second life to equipment that is already out of order, and at times extends its service life. The new design also lined to prevent corrosion, abrasion, chemical and mechanical exposure, the supporting structure

Apply this method of protection in various areas:. Lined galvanizing baths, pits, wells, sewage treatment systems, and truck , bunkers, reactors, facilities and more. Protection in this manner requires not only where aggressive media or high temperatures, but also to all metal, concrete and other structures. Otherwise rapid destruction or modification of their mechanical properties are guaranteed, which inevitably entail unforeseen costs.

Lining containers polypropylene

Lining materials of construction, such as polypropylene, polyethylene making equipment practically eternal. Suppose in the manufacture of new containers for different purposes, using the lining themselves containers perform only the role of the framework and are not in contact with substances that it contains, depending on the substances that are lined with container liner may be five ten and twenty years or more. And when the liner is already starting to fail, it is dismantled and inserted a new one, with the whole container itself, without corrosion and ready to serve more.

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