Pools comparison and description of the various types of pools

Water - is the most important substance on earth. It plays an important role in maintaining and shaping life around the globe. Water affects the climate, forms the chemical structure of many organisms. the human body can not exist without water.

Each of us in childhood likes to swim in, or any body of water, river, lake. Everyone knows that in addition to the fact that it's nice so also helpful. Water relaxes, soothes, relieves stress, the body cools the hot summer day, has a beneficial effect on both the psychological state of the person, and the physical. In our time, technology will reduce the cost and make available a pool construction in nursing homes, households, where area allows you to have such a complex hydraulic structure, or else in the building.

Nowadays, there are many swimming pools construction technologies. We will try to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, from our point of view, and taking into account the experience that gained while working in this field.

We'll pools stationary type (there are framed and inflatable). First of all, the pools are divided into skimernye and overflow. The difference in the method of sampling the water for filtering.

stationary type pools (there are frame and inflatable)
In skimernyh water mirror is located approximately 10 - 15 cm from the top of the bead of the sidewall. Water enters the skimmer (apparatus in the pool, causing them to lose water for cleaning), after which the water passes through the filter and flows through the injector into the pool again purified.
apparatus of the overflow basin differs, however, the cleaning system is based on the same principles as and skimernom. Only way to water entering the filter unit other. This type of pool is built with an overflow chute at the pool perimeter, into which water enters and flows down into the container-standing (usually near the pool), together with the equipment for the same pool. After that, water also enters the filter and back into the pool. Water mirror in the infinity pool at the level of the overflow trough grid. The implementation of this type of pool a little more complicated and expensive than skimernogo. such filtering technology can not pour water at least during the season.
Now we divide the swimming pool to the destination and time of use. There are private, community and therapeutic.
Public swimming pools standard forms, mainly overflow. Established, as a rule, in the complexes, entertainment centers with additional facilities. In these pools need to practice, competitions, etc.
Private pools are designed and manufactured customized, shape and size can be completely different. Set in private boarding houses in the yard of a country house. Components of such pools may be different (sometimes the cost of the equipment itself exceeds the cost of building a swimming pool). Counter can be installed (this will allow to swim in a small pool), jacuzzi, fountains, slides and much more.
Therapeutic pools used for the recovery and treatment, water massage and gymnastics. Usually complemented by various handrails, etc.
pools for year-round building in a warm room, equipping the room ventilation system. Pools also open building on the street, ukomplektovuyut pool cover system in the winter season. The water is drained below the level of the nozzles. While many simply poured all the water from the bowl (for the sake of calm that would bowl nothing happened.)
-Raz too remembered the winter, we will give a little advice. If the water in the bowl the pool or the font on top of frozen, it is not necessary to drain the water from the bottom, which is not frozen, otherwise the frozen block of ice will remain hanging in the air, and when it drops to the bottom of what is likely to damage the bowl.
So, let us consider the stationary pools with different ways of construction and the materials from which they are made
-. polypropylene
- mosaic (concrete)
- film
- fiberglass (composite)
in our opinion it pools, which are represented in the Ukrainian market and competes with each other on the issue of price/quality. Now we will try to analyze in which cases do the most optimal choice for you or your business.
Polypropylene pools

To begin with it should be noted that the polypropylene is a chemically resistant material that is used in various fields of production . Here and in the construction of swimming pools this plastic found its application. Although the walls are smooth and impede the emergence of micro-organisms during cleaning and washing bowls can use different chemical preparations without fear that what is to happen with the coating. Light stabilized polypropylene is generally used blue and blue (there are also other colors), a thickness of 5 - 8 mm. Bowl polifuzionnoy welded by welding and can be welded directly to the installation site, which significantly reduces the cost of shipping. The shape and size of the pool or font for a bath can be any, unlike fiberglass. It requires no additional waterproofing or finishing. The construction time of this basin is minimal. The service life of 30-50 years
Disadvantages:. Small number of colors, color uniformity. Advantages: less than all three species examined (does not require additional finishes, waterproofing, etc.), a little time to build, easy to maintain. And the water in a swimming pool a few degrees warmer than in bowls made from other materials.
This type of pool in our opinion very weak competitor of the other three. The film cost is not cheap, although waterproofs concrete bowl perfectly, grabs her for a short while, for a maximum of 5-7 years. Most likely, then the film starts to crack and it is necessary to solder, in the end, when the owner bored "patching" holes, he begins to think about how to get out of the situation. And it comes to mind only one idea, or to buy another expensive film or paste in a bowl of ready-made concrete sealed structure (say a polypropylene, the life of which is not less than 30-50 years). Good film when you want to build a lot of square meters area of ​​reservoirs, ponds, etc.
The benefits include a variety of colors and shades of the film, even if nothing is happening at the crack of the concrete bowl with the film. The same advantage over the mosaic - the time of construction. Disadvantages: does not set at the ground water, the difficulty in cleaning, film replacement every 5-7 years

 a lot of different technologies for construction of swimming pools


Concrete pools are classic large, usually decorated with special tiles or mosaics. Pools of this type constructed in buildings, as in the winter season begins to crack and fall off tile bowl itself due to the freezing and expansion of water. According to the construction technology similar to the film, but by the time the construction of a lot longer. The quality of the pool must be controlled at every stage. The main advantage of concrete pools is that the color and pattern can satisfy even the most demanding customer
So drawbacks. The construction, installation only in the building, the high cost. Dignity is an external view of its variants color solutions.
finished plastic bowls have a beautiful appearance, are open pools without fear ultraviolet may perform any repairs to restore the outer acrylic layer in place. Are brought to the place of installation as a finished product, are set as polypropylene, on a concrete pad, and after tapping equipment and warming basin walls gradually sprinkled with a dry mixture by adding water. Have standard forms, smooth rounded, which is very nice in the further exploitation of the basin. Due to the complexity of the technology, such bowls in our time are more expensive than polypropylene and films, but less expensive concrete
Disadvantages:. Finished bowl (not possible to order individual shape of a cup, or install already finished building), expensive delivery and installation bowls. Advantage:. Long service life, the ability to restore coverage, large variety of shapes and sizes, small installation time bowl

To summarize, we can say that, at the present time there are many different technologies for construction of swimming pools. You decide for yourself what to buy a swimming pool, the purpose of construction of an object, and how you want it to look your own waterworks. We only superficially described the advantages and disadvantages of certain technologies. They are all different and have a right to exist. And the choice is, of course, is always yours ...

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